Who are we?

The Ronin Institute community is composed of Research Scholars, who are affiliated with the Institute. We are spread out throughout the world, and represent all academic disciplines, including the arts & humanities, life and social sciences, and math and physics. We have very few requirements for Research Scholars: any level of academic degree, publication and work output, and affiliation history is fine. The only things we ask of Scholars:

  • Be committed to our values of Truth and Empathy
  • Abide by our Code of Conduct & Research Ethics Guidelines (forthcoming)
  • Have an interest in scholarship–however you want to define that

What do we do?

  • We help run the Ronin Institute through leadership and participation in Working Groups, as part of our “Everybody drives the truck” philosophy
  • We collaborate on topical projects, such as through Interest Groups
  • We meet weekly: #watercooler (scheduled chat) & Coffee Chat (video call)
  • We have special events, like networking, Big Brain meetups, and unconferences
  • We help each other learn and refine skills helpful for independent scholars, like writing proposals, applying for grants, navigating the publication process, and learning how to do scholarship more ethically
  • We share our news, successes, thoughts, and work via our Slack workspace, social media, Kitsune newsletter, blog, and seminars.

Beyond the Ronin Community

If you aren’t in the Ronin Community but would be interested in seeing what we are up to, as well as engaging with us, you can:

  • Sign up for our bimonthly Kitsune newsletter
  • Follow us on social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Attend a Ronin Public Seminar (sign up to get announcements)
  • See some our previous seminars as well as other videos of our Research Scholars on our YouTube channel
  • Engage with some of us on a public forum:
  • Check out our Fellow Travelers. These are other communities that have similar missions, goals, and philosophies like the Ronin Institute, and many of our members are also part of those organizations as well.