New seminar video on the philosophy, goals and values of the Ronin Institute

As we noted in a previous post, the Ronin Institute has started a YouTube channel  featuring videos from our seminar series. Recently Ronin Founder, Jon Wilkins, presented an in-depth overview of our principles and values in honor of the sixth anniversary of the founding of the Institute. It’s up now on YouTube:

You can also find more on our Mission and Why Ronin? pages.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I wasn’t able to (virtually) attend the original presentation, because, ironically, I had to attend a meeting with some research collaborators.

    Listening to Jon explain the Institute’s values reminded me of what an excellent thing this is and how pleased I am to be part of it. I was particularly struck by his remarks about “asking questions in good faith” and the subtle but powerful ways academia tends to push people away from that. The tendency to evaluate almost everything primarily in terms of the professional status system is among the things that drove me out of academia. Even when I was a “winner”, it felt icky, like I was involved in something vaguely sleazy.

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