The Ronin Institute is transforming scholarship by creating new ways to pursue research, and new ways to fund it. As part of our mission to reinvent academia, we are launching a number of specific programs. If you are interested in finding out how you can support one or more of these programs, contact our development office, or visit our donations page.

Direct Funding
The most important thing that the Ronin Institute suports in the research itself. Our Research Scholars have exciting and ambitious research agendas. Donations to support specific projects will help to ensure that they are able to continue devoting the time required to drive their research forward.

Conference Scholarships
Attending professional conferences is of critical importance for scholars in any field. Scholars who are not affiliated with a university department are often in the position of having to pay for travel, accommodation, and registration fees out of pocket. In the future, we hope to be able to provide scholarships to help independent and part-time scholars to attend meetings in their fields. This will be of particular importance for scholars who have taken time away from research (e.g., to have kids), and who are looking to reignite their careers.

Grant Support
In addition to directly supporting individual scholars, we aim to help them to acquire funding from more traditional sources. To that end, we will be helping independent scholars to identify potential funding sources, assemble grant-application materials, and manage grants that they receive. This type of support is typically provided by university departments. Due to the decentralized nature of our organization, we will be able to provide such support without having to charge the same high overhead rates that support extensive university bureaucracies.

Education and Outreach
Scholarship is not just about making discoveries and acquiring knowledge. It is also about sharing and communicating that knowledge to a wider audience so that others can build on those discoveries. While many of our Research Scholars are not employed in traditional university positions, they nevertheless have a deep commitment to sharing and passing on their knowledge and expertise. We are currently developing a new educational model that will bring world-class experts and students together in small, highly interactive settings.