Abdul Ajia

Ajia completed a Ph.D. in Global Leadership/Organizational Management at the Indiana Institute of Technology, Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA in 2017. An educator and a business leader, Ajia also founded a nonprofit post-secondary college in Nigeria where he helps indigent students prepare for Cambridge A level equivalent examinations. His post-doctoral research has focused mainly in the areas of employee engagement, organizational commitment, leadership development, cross cultural studies and well being. 

In his most recent work, he reports his findings about the impact of transformational leadership and perceived leadership effectiveness on follower outcomes in the public sector using the Nigerian public service as a case study. This is significant because there are few leadership and management research studies that examine leadership and management research from non – Western contexts. In the end, the results from this research supports the universal applicability of transformational leadership theories and reinforced Fiedler (1967)’s contingency theory. 

Ajia’s current research agenda is on examining the nexus between electoral democracy and improved citizen well being in Nigeria.

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