Angelo B J Luidens

I am a research scholar, (social) entrepreneur, and coach/trainer (Innovation Advisor/Principal Consultant @ Stargue) addressing startup and growth challenges of organizations through the application of social scientific knowledge and innovative technologies since 1992, starting from defining business and technology strategy, subsequently engaging in organizational & technological integrations, and disseminating innovation and change management interventions. I believe we all make our own choices in live and greatly value present moment awareness and sense-making.

Over the course of years a latent question was emerging: why with all the potential of becoming a success story and model small island state (SIS), is Curaçao consistently stagnant socio-economically? What challenges keeps this SIS from reaching this potential? What is this potential exactly? What is the ‘ideal’ to strive for? Are these shared (potential and ideal)? What are the aspects that would ease this SIS towards this potential and ideal? What does this mean for other SISs? Do they also share the same challenges? Can the lessons learned and interventions applied to one be applied to other SIS? Are their interventions that can be defined and implemented successfully on one SIS and copied to others? Are there aspects of these interventions that is specific and needs to be localized for each SIS? This line of questions drive fundamentally my research interests.

The research spans over from childhood to my most recent experiences as a citizen, professional, and research scholar and does include historical narratives in understanding the context. It is also in line with my earlier Ph.D. interests in Artificial Intelligence (1992 – 2000) and more recent (since 2016) Complex Systems Science/Generative Science (Social Ecological Systems Science), applied to Quantum/Spiritual Phenomena, Quantum Integrative Medicine, Truth & Reconciliation Processes, and Education Innovation. Methods are currently primarily empirical evidence, retrospective narration, complex systems theory, and biomimicry oriented and optimized towards evidence-based impact generating sustainable solutions and interventions. Current attention is on Truth & Reconciliation processes, Trans-generational Trauma particularly in the Caribbean Education Ecosystems, and the Future Caribbean Citizen.

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