Carlo Monsanto

From early life, I have been involved in exploring the meaning of life and human consciousness. As the result of a deeply aligning process, I discovered and further developed a method of first-person learning and research called inside out learning experience ecosystem (IOLEE), an applied consciousness science (ACS). I am an original-thinker, I hold a Honoris Causa Doctorate, Master of Science in Ayurvedic Science with an emphasis on psychophysiology, and a Bachelor of Arts in Health Science. Crossing the boundaries of different disciplines, I unified different knowledge-areas and practices. The objective of this study was to examine, from multiple perspectives, how our mind and body are kept from functioning as a complex adaptive system should, and how through an aware-discerning-presence, balance, happiness, love and empathy, can be achieved, personally and interpersonally. I have co-founded IOLEE ECOSYSTEM ( to deliver educational and research programs world-wide. Within an international team of progressive thinkers, we are contributing to developing learning frameworks for wellbeing; integrating best practices in the field of learning; and how this can be translated to transforming schools into neighborhood centers of expertise for wellbeing.

IOLEE is a cross-cultural and transdisciplinary framework that develops an understanding of the fundamental laws and mechanisms that govern our human experience, in connection with the rest of the natural world. It is essential to guiding others towards recalibrating those internal mechanisms that have been disturbed due to past trauma, which would normally lead to suffering. It effectively cultivates well-being on all levels of experience.  For more information go to  

Contact Carlo at carlo dot monsanto at ronininstitute dot org.