Chandima Gangodawila

I am presently an independent scholar whose work principally rotates around the doctrinal developments between the Suttas and the Abhidhamma. The Suttas bring a collection of traditional Theravada Buddhist teachings to a degree countless perplexities have emerged concerning the inclusiveness. The Abhidhamma which is initially a formative show-stopper of Theravada school of Buddhism has adequately endeavored to address the concerns with respect to this issue. In my exhaustive research as a visiting research fellow at the Center for Studies in Religion and Society of the University of Victoria, I have taken a distinct fascination for considering the intersection of how the perplexities of the Suttas have been resolved by the Abhidhamma. In addition to this primary research interest, I am also interested in examining the Sutta and the Abhidhamma teachings about contemporary and emerging human issues such as gender equality, human rights, climate change and the right to a healthy and sustainable environment.

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