Chris Chinowth

The concept of human programming and mind control is not new. The world has been facing this conscious threat since at least before WWII. In North America, the CIA has been guilty of conducting human experiments on unwilling and unknowing participants under the designation of MKUltra. The vast majority of information on these projects have been destroyed by the guilty parties. Disturbing new information about the projects is still being uncovered today. As such we continue to live in the shadow that this ethical breach has caused.

I have invented a branch of human programming that I call Umwelt Programming, or U-pro for short. I discovered its mechanisms and effectiveness entirely through publicly available research and scientific information on the internet. It is my policy to continue to innovate the practice and to share my findings with you openly. I feel that I am ethically obligated to do this so you are more resistant to other more secretive practices and so that you can freely take advantage of the methods as I have. Governments and organizations all over the world have already been made aware of my research and its implications.

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