Denise Hills

Denise Hills is a geoscientist with project management, geoscience research, data conservation, science communication, and geoscience policy experience, with specialization in geoscience energy and physical sample management. She currently holds the position of Director of the Energy Investigations Program at the Geological Survey of Alabama, a state government organization. Ms. Hills was trained as a marine geophysicist and worked in informal science education prior to returning to geoscience research.

Currently funded research projects are broadly focused on carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS), traditional and unconventional hydrocarbon resource assessment, and non-hydrocarbon geologic energy resources. She also leads much of the data rescue and data preservation efforts at the Survey (which are mostly unfunded), focusing on the geological cores collected in relation to over 100 years of hydrocarbon research in the state.

Other research projects and interests include developing an At Risk Data Commons, envisioned as a “” for data in need with data expertise; linking physical specimens with digital information effectively; improving the use of geoscience research to inform decision-making, particularly on the topics of CCUS and the energy-water-food nexus; and communicating effectively about contentious scientific topics, such as hydraulic fracturing, climate change, and use of geologic resources.

Contact Denise at denise {dot} hills “at” ronininstitute /dot/ org