Eli Levine

My interests and training are extremely broad and interdisciplinary. They can be generally lumped together in the following categories (inclusive of the implied sub-fields that are associated with each of them):

  • Developing research methods and effective conceptual tools for the study of complex social systems Understanding how to better operate and design organizations and institutions so they do the tasks they’re needed to do with the necessary degrees of flexibility and capacity for adaptation that are required
  • Understanding the effects of public and private sector actors’ behaviors and actions on our shared habitat on any planet
  • How to produce more generally desired and sustainable outcomes in our shared habitats
  • Knowing how to implement the changes in the real world in a variety of different cultural, social, economics, and environmental contexts, and then helping to follow through on them

To learn more, visit: http://thedharmachakra.blogspot.com/

Contact Eli at: eli.levine@ronininstitute.org