Erik Johannesson

Erik Johannesson is an archaeologist specializing in mortuary anthropology and landscape archaeology, with research interests focusing on funerary monuments, mortuary practice, and human adaptation to grassland environments. He has ongoing field and research projects in Alberta, Mongolia, and in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings, and has a conducted fieldwork in Russia, Greece, the American Southwest, Southeast, and in the Canadian Arctic. He has taught at several universities in North America, including the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, North Carolina State University, Pacific Lutheran University, and currently at the University of Calgary.

Dr. Johannesson is currently the Principal Investigator of Ritual Landscapes and Behavior on the Northern Plains, a research initiative aimed at investigating the ritual dimensions of communal bison hunting in Alberta. This initiative includes a public archaeology and education outreach program, which are quickly becoming key components to disseminating archaeological research more broadly beyond the traditional stream of the academy.

For many years Dr. Johannesson has also worked in professional contract archaeology (CRM) in the United States and Western Canada and has directed projects of varying sizes and complexity for oil and gas, forestry, transportation, and urban developers. In light of the ever evolving cultural and vocational landscapes in which archaeology is practiced and disseminated, an important facet of his approach to archaeology is the integration of education, public outreach, and heritage management into archaeological research design.