Gary Low

Gary Low is a lecturer in Public Health with a 9-year experience in general practice. He obtained his Medical Degree (MBBS) and Master of Public Health (MPH) from Manipal University and University of Dundee, respectively. He has special interest in dengue fever related research which is a neglected tropical disease spread by mosquitoes. He had published systematic reviews and meta-analysis, spatial and clinical epidemiology on dengue infection. The area of interest is not limited to tropical diseases but to other non-communicable diseases in the community and hospital such as neonatal jaundice, cancers, diabetes and hypertension. He had obtained grants for these projects to be carried out. He is also particularly interested in multidisciplinary research which can further propels the improvement of scientific knowledge.

Gary Low is passionate in his study methodology and biostatistics. He is good at teaching these topics to the students. He is able to use various statistical software such as RevMan, R programming, SPSS, etc. He also provides consultation to business company and fellow researchers.

Gary Low has a passion in providing free supervision as part of his personal passion to a specific group of researchers. Hence, he has decided to join Ronin Institute which shares the same vision and mission. There are specific criteria (but not exclusive) that he would offer the supervision to:

1. Master or PhD graduates/candidates who wish to build their CV in order to look for research job. The graduates must be unemployed or working as part-time of non-research job.

2. Graduates who have their own research idea. This is to support research/academic freedom as to compared to most institutions which require their staffs to fit into their job description. If you have no idea, he will speak to you to come up with your research interest.

He is willing to work without pay while he and his collaborators will look out for grant opportunity to support the projects. The supervision maybe directly from him or his collaborators who share the same passion. To support Ronin Institute’s mission, He and his team will provide free supervision and to obtain grant for the project. The only kind gesture that the graduate can offer is to include the supervisors name in the publication.

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