Harry Durgin

I am interested in science communication and climate change policy. This has lead me to found an active and growing social media group focused on local weather. I confer with peers on a daily basis and produce an in depth forecast and analysis that challenges my readers with more advanced concepts in meteorology and climate science.

I also work with another social media group that is focused on local volcanic activity. I develop and maintain tools for monitoring environmental assets as determined by changing conditions. Much of my day is spent at the Linux command prompt to the benefit of my local community.

I have a passion for photography and have produced an extensive video library of advanced techniques in photographic processing on the Linux platform. This series included a large suite of scripts.

All of the above mentioned services and materials are publicly available.

My wife and I retired to Hawaii after running various small businesses. I am now a professional fine art photographer and do occasional programming jobs.

My longer term goal is to develop a structure for an engaged social media audience focused on science and policy. Puna Weather is the test bed for design, eventually becoming a seed program for other similar groups. These groups can promote community outreach of science education, while engaging with their members to acquire environmental data. This provides the community with a deeper understanding of their environment allowing them to make more informed policy choices. This also provides the potential for a channel of filtered and normalized data to find its way to the National Weather Service and emergency services.

Learn more at the Puna Weather FB group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1411102959164699/

Contact Harry at harry.durgin@ronininstitute.org