Kassie Colón

Kassandra “Kassie” Colón is a grassroots leader from South Florida. A Puerto Rican and Mexican-American feminist scholar, Kassie focuses on bridging Puerto Rican/Chicano/Latinx studies and a practice-oriented approach to knowledge construction and dissemination. Over the next year, they will serve as a West Virginia Humanities Council Fellow completing their practice-based oral history project, “Rootedness in West Virginia: Young Latinx Narratives of Community, Belonging, and Home.” This community-engaged research project will explore conditions of belonging and home among young people living in West Virginia.

In 2018, Kassie founded Project La Resolana, an intercultural non-profit that expands educational opportunities by directly matching young people with culturally representative literature in the K-16 classroom and beyond. Since its founding, Project La Resolana has matched 400 students with representative literature to challenge dominant white perspectives in education. On the merits of their work with Project La Resolana and cultivating inclusive educational spaces, Kassie was selected as a Harry S. Truman Scholar in 2019. In the future, they plan on pursuing a Ph.D. in Geography.

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