Kenneth W Jacobs

My research is in the area of behavioral science known as behavior analysis. While brought up in the tradition of radical behaviorism, I am generally interested in interbehaviorism, functional contextualism, ecological realism, pragmatism, and the affinity between them. My interest in the philosophical underpinnings of behavioral science has resulted in conceptual articles on thinking and feeling, affordances for reinforcement learning, and a pragmatic sign theory of truth for the behavioral sciences.

My empirical research involves the combined use of single-case experimental designs and randomization tests to make causal inferences about behavior-change. I am particularly interested in modeling a theory of reinforcement that can predict learning outcomes in education and behavior therapy. The response disequilibrium theory (RDT) is one such theory of reinforcement that needs to be put to a test. RDT makes unique and quantifiable predictions that could influence our current understanding of behavior-change mechanisms.

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