Laurel Haak

Laure Haak (she/her) is a Research Scholar at the Ronin Institute and founder of Mighty Red Barn. Laure’s interests center on trust-building to foster communities, through practice areas of digital infrastructure and identity, governance and decision frameworks, product strategy and practice. Laure served as founding Executive Director of ORCID and held leadership roles at Thomson Reuters, The US National Academies, and Science Magazine. She has a BS and MS in Biology and PhD in Neuroscience from Stanford University.

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Selected Papers
Haak L, Greene S, Ratan K (2020) A New Research Economy: Socio-technical framework to open up lines of credit in the academic community. Research Ideas and Outcomes 6: e60477.
Haak LL, Meadows A, Brown J (2018). Using ORCID, DOI, and other open identifiers in research evaluation. Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analysis 3:28.
Starr J, Castro E, Crosas M, Dumontier M, Downs RR, Duerr R, Haak L,… HourclĂ© J (2015). Achieving human and machine accessibility of cited data in scholarly publications. PeerJ Computer Science, 1, e1.
Haak LL, Fenner M, Paglione L, Pentz E, Ratner H (2012). ORCID: A system to uniquely identify researchers. Learned Publishing, 25(4): 259-264.
Haak LL, Ferris W, Wright K, Pollard ME, Barden K, Probus MA, Tartakovsky M, Hackett, CJ (2012). The electronic Scientific Portfolio Assistant: Integrating scientific knowledge databases to support program impact assessment. Science and Public Policy, 39(4):464-475.
Haak LL, Baker D, Ginther DK, Gordon GG, Probus MA, Kannankutty N, Weinberg BA (2012) Standards and infrastructure for innovation data exchange. Science, 338(6104): 196-197.
Ginther DK, Schaffer WT, Schnell J, Masimore B, Liu F, Haak LL, Kington R (2011) Race, ethnicity, and NIH research awards. Science, 333(6045): 1015-1019.

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