Majid Manoochehri

More than a century focused research studies in psychology about our brain’s components, their roles, and their relationships provided a more transparent view but did not solve all fundamental problems. There are still plenty of controversial discussions and unanswered questions. Some of the most controversial issues can be found in memory studies and sex differences. Today several groups of researchers from different fields including cognitive psychology and evolutionary psychology try to solve this puzzle.

I am a cognitive psychology researcher with a focus on Memory and Intelligence. I spent about two years during and after my master degree on studying memory span, as it is one of the fundamental discussions in memory studies. Its results are two projects that are still in progress. Sex differences in cognitive abilities, more especially with regards to new attitudes toward analyzing data according to differences in extreme scores, is another field of research in which I am interested.

I also study evolutionary psychology, as it is one of the best research areas for searching the reasons of various psychological phenomena. My first project in this field was “sex differences in object location memory.” Other interesting topics for me include Animal Behaviors, Hunter-Gatherers, and Evolution Theory.

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