Mantel Featherson

Mantel is a Performance Psychologist focused on advancing human performance in the workplace. He partners with business professionals (employees and entrepreneurs) to enable them to learn and apply strategies that boost their effectiveness in diverse business environments. To do that, he researches, develops, curates, and coordinates resources and opportunities that enable them to succeed as leaders, managers, and individual contributors.

He is the founder of Smarter@Work – a research group, marketplace, and global community whose aim is to enhance human performance at work.  In order to further that aim, Mantel created Adaptive Genius – a self-directed method of aligning the three essential elements of career success – passion, performance & profit – so that workers create natural momentum towards achieving their most desired career goals.

Mantel earned a Bachelors from Temple University, a Masters from Penn State University, and a Doctorate from Drexel University.

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