Mantel Featherson

I am a Human Resources Development (HRD) Theorist with broad research interests in Performance Improvement, Enterprise Technology and Career Development. My research interests and experience come from graduate study in a range of areas within the broad discipline of HRD and a 20+ year career of leading the design and implementation of learning and performance programs for organizations in the Life Sciences, Professional Services and Technology industries.

I have earned a BA from Temple University, an EdM (Master of Education) from Penn State University and I’m currently in the dissertation phase of my EdD (Doctor of Education) with Drexel University.

My specific research interests are comprised of three areas –

  • Integration of Digital and Human Labor – examine how the emergence and adoption of smart technologies (i.e., Robotics Process Automation (RPA), artificial intelligence and machine learning) influences the contributions and value of human workers in organizations.
  • Alignment of Purpose, People & Process – study the three elements of organization; purpose (vision, mission and values); people (executives, managers and staff); process (governance, operational and management) to understand how they can be better integrated to enhance organizational performance.
  • Holistic Career Growth of Individuals – study alternative methods of career growth to provide workers with tools and strategies that enable them to withstand the industrial, technological and societal forces that emerge as threats to their professional viability. To support this work, I’ve created a career growth think tank called Smarter at Work ( – site coming soon) to help professionals grow their careers as the world of work continues to evolve.  

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