Mohamed Samir Boudrioua

I’m a master’s degree holder in mathematical analysis and applications from Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi Ouzou, Algeria. My master’s thesis focused on generating functions of polynomials. My research interest is within three areas of applied mathematics: epidemiology, econometrics, and machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Firstly apropos of epidemiology, I focus on the modeling of infectious diseases at the population level using different compartmental models. Compartmental models are defined by non linear systems of ordinary differential equations. These models are used to simulate and predict the spread of diseases within a population, which could be very helpful in implementing disease intervention strategies.

Concerning econometrics, I enjoy determining the relationships between different macroeconomic and microeconomic variables using the appropriate statistical models such as ARDL and NARDL models, VAR model. I’m also interested in the forecasting models for economic quantities like ARIMA models, simultaneous-equation regression models, Neural networks models and others.

Finally, the area of machine learning and artificial intelligence inspires me specifically in the medical field. Developing predictive diagnostic models for detecting disease infection from imaging data using artificial intelligence still one of my perspectives. 

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