Mohammed Dahman

I am a data scientist; my research interests are largely direct towards decision support systems (DSSs). Currently, I am working on the framework of proposing a comprehensive decision support system for an educational platform. The first phase of the system is accomplished. More specifically, in the framework of the study, I proposed a predictive model as an essential stage after the lifelong learner’s enrollment and before the language class begins. Therefore, identifying the lifelong learners who are at the possibility of dropping out could help the administrators, teachers, learners, and policymakers to modify the content of their courses and offer additional support to them. In the second phase, the plan is to enlarge the scale of analysis after the lifelong learners set in the classroom. Noteworthy, for any model I’m working on, two aspects I do consider: the technical and perceptual. In other words, machine Learning underlies the technical aspect. Human behaviour and believing system represent the perceptual aspect.

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