Nicola Zanna

My research interests focus on a vast area of chemistry disciplines.
My research works during my PhD were about the study of reaction’s mechanism using NMR and other spectroscopic techniques. At this time I started using computational chemistry as an additional tool to deeper investigate about the energies involved in the reactions and to predict the properties of molecules such as the capabilities of organic dyes to be used in organic solar cells.

The change of research group for my postdoc allowed me to extend my chemical background. My research moves in the field of material/biological chemistry, working on the synthesis of peptides that could be used to create hydrogels. We demonstrated the use of these hydrogels as cell culture medium and their capability to help purify water form contaminant by adding other materials such as graphene or titanium dioxide.

In the recent years, moving away from the traditional academia, I continued my study on theoretical chemistry because the only thing needed to carry on a simulation is a computer.

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 brings me to put my knowledge to the service of the research community. I was able to computationally find alternative target to potential drug by simulating the transition pathway of the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2.

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