Paola Di Maio

I hold a PhD in Knowledge Systems Engineering (University of Strathclyde) and an MSc in Information Systems (Christ Church College). I learned the ropes of systems and software engineering from instructors such as Les Gilbert IEEE now Emeritus Fellow at the University of Southampton, UK.

I spent a year as Postdoctoral researcher in Taiwan working on AI and Neuroscience, and recently joined the Taiwan Society for Neuroscience and also do clinical research.

Between courses of study I worked  as a science and technology correspondent in London, as well as a lecturer and a researcher internationally.

My research interests span from Information Science (Ontology Engineering) to Intelligent Systems design and complexity science, in particular, socio technical systems complexity, to mind sciences and health and wellbeing.

I have some theory about the universe and just about anything, really.

I have developed and published information frameworks such as the KAF (Knowledge Audit Framework) and methodologies such as JEOE (Just Enough Ontology Engineering) and held seminars, workshops.

My first Keynote address was delivered at IFLA in Singapore in 2014 on the topic

Linked Data for Future Libraries – Infinite Possibilities

I design courses and teach various classes in IT and system  at graduate and postgraduate level, for example I taught a seminar at the  Eusec 2010 programme @Royal College of Engineering, KTH in Sweden and a course in socio technical systems engineering at IIT Mandi (2013)

I am the founder of an independent research institute (Institute for Socio Technical Complex Systems) and recently joined 

My latest contributions to knowledge  include  Epistemic Inclusivity and System Level Knowledge Representation.

Examples of my current research projects:
System Level Knowledge Representation for Complexity
Knowledge Representation to detangle Algorithmic Bias
Expert Systems for Disorders of Consciousness
System Level Knowledge Representation for Neuroscience

I like to use my understanding of complex systems to deliver pragmatic solutions to any problem space. from emergency management to the evolution of consciousness.

I enjoy teaching I try to keep a note of my working projects here

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Contact Paola at paola [dot] dimaio “at” ronininstitute |dot| org