Paola Di Maio

I research complexity in relation to mind, cognition, language, socio-technical systems and information technology.

My journey as a Scholar started in pursuit of understanding myself and the universe, to figure out  natural and engineered systems around me at a time when powerful new technologies like the web and the internet started to make a big difference to my ability to query and contribute to world knowledge.

Working as a lecturer on campuses for some years I had  access to scholarly publications which contained the latest academic research, which inspired me to continue to seek scholarship. I eventually completed a PhD (2012, University of Strathclyde).

I attended my first lecture on systems theory during a Bachelor studies sandwich year abroad (1994, UNAM in Mexico City)  It opened up new pathways in my cognition and consciousness. As digital technologies became more important I felt the need to advance my understanding of applied systems and completed an MSc in Information Systems  (2000, Christ Church College  UKC )My Master’s project consisted of  a small and elegant AI (expert system) in aromatherapy called AromX, the first implemented using OO (Delphi), modeled using KADS (Common Kads). I have since authored novel methods, monographs, books, chapters, and given lectures, seminars and talks, even a couple of Keynote speeches.
I learned most of my stuff on software engineering from Lester Gilbert, who now is a Fellow Emeritus at Southampton University, and from many other scholars to whom I remain grateful. Eventually I became myself a lecturer in Information Technology, Knowledge Engineering, Systems Modeling and Design.

I founded an independent research institute (Insitute for Socio Technical Complex Systems) during my years in Edinburgh I recently joined, as I am becoming increasingly location independent and feeling the need for peers more than in the past.
After a postdoc in AI and Neuroscience (2018, NCKU) I started exploring the relationship between Systems, Knowledge Representation and Neuroscience. I am a member of IEEE and other societies including the Society for Neuroscience of Taiwan (Academia Sinica, 2020).   I have several open research projects for which I am seeking collaboration and funding. See here.

I can offer mentorship support to PhD scholars who may want to talk about their doctorate when they become desperate.

I am thankful to Jon Wilkins and the Ronin Institute for encouraging the pursuit of Truth and Empathy, which are the foundations of the evolution of consciousness.  Ultimately, scholarship as well as science and technology are  part of the evolution of consciousness. I  the founding Chair of the W3C AI KR  (Knowledge Representation) and study very closely the  Knowledge Representation and Truth in relation to Information to Systems, for example, I study how Deep Fakes are a type of Knowledge Misrepresentation (a distortion of Truth). I also research the Neuroscience of Empathy I have a column on the Mindful Technologies which explores the relation between wisdom traditions and science and technology

One of my flagship courses

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