Prabhpal Singh

I hold and Honours BA in philosophy from the University of Toronto, and a MA in Philosophy from Wilfrid Laurier University. Beginning September 2019, I will be a PhD student in Philosophy at the University of Waterloo.

I am primarily interested in Ethics and Moral Philosophy with particular interests in Meta-Ethics and Bio-Ethics. For my Master’s degree Major Research Paper, I explored dispositional accounts of moral realism. I focused on John McDowell’s analogy between moral properties and colour properties. I am also interested in exploring issues in moral epistemology including defending realism from evolutionary arguments that purportedly debunk such a position; the possibility of reliable moral knowledge; and, exploring the issues of longstanding and seemingly intractable moral disagreement.

While I am broadly interested in the area of meta-ethics, I am also interest in Bio-Medical ethics. Specifically, I am interested in the ethics and politics of abortion, the nature and role of parental responsibility in such questions.  In fact, I am currently working on a paper which argues against the common premise in the Bioethical literature that fetuses and newborns have equal moral status. I argue for my conclusion by appealing to relational rather than intrinsic moral features of newborns (an intrinsic feature is something like the status of being a person or having the right to life of an individual, whereas a relational feature is something like standing in a specific relationship with others and the environment). I have presented work at peer-reviewed conferences, and have had work accepted for publication in peer-reviewed journals. When I begin my doctoral studies, I will continue to explore topics in ethics and moral philosophy, but with a flexibility and openness to new areas and topics.

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