Ruth Duerr

I am a generalist with interests in nearly everything from music and art to science, data, and policy with stops for many other things along the way. I’ve been actively involved in Earth, space and the information and data sciences for many years.

My recent projects cover topics ranging from sustainable data management practices, to developing frameworks for discovery and access to science data for multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary data users, to investigating the events and circumstances that lead to wider community adoption of data and information, to the semantics involved in natural language and machine learning.

My research interests include nearly all facets of science data management, digital archives, records management, digital library science, and software and system engineering. These have driven me to actively participate in the Earth and space sciences informatics community. I have authored and co-authored many publications on the management and curation of Earth science data. As a participant in several Federation of Earth Science Partners (ESIP) committees and clusters, I was the first chair of the ESIP Data Preservation and Stewardship cluster, and have more recently served as both co-chair and chair of the Data Stewardship Committee and on the Board of Directors of the Foundation for Earth Science as an elected ESIP Representative.

Outside of ESIP, I have participated and held leadership positions in groups such as the NASA Earth Observing System’s (EOS) Operations Working Group and the Research Data Alliance’s (RDA’s) e-Preservation Interest Group and Domain Repositories Interest Group. After previously serving as the elected Secretary for the Earth and Space Science Informatics (ESSI) Focus Group of the American Geophysical Union (AGU), I am currently the President of that group with a seat on the AGU Council.

I have a passion for encouraging researchers to become better data stewards demonstrated in part through my teaching courses, developing and presenting a variety of workshops, and editing of ESIP’s peer-reviewed Data Management short course (learning modules that are freely available online for self-paced learning). I routinely present lectures that introduce audiences (representing various disciplines in Earth and space sciences, social sciences, and computing and information sciences) to data management issues and solutions at meetings and conferences. I also have taught about data management at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, contributing to the expertise of new data management practitioners.

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