Sean Avila Saiter

Sean@Vic's_Headshot_sepiaMy research and training is in humanistic-transpersonal psychology, phenomenology, integral theory, and qualitative research methods. I actively pursue publishing, teaching, research, and presentations in this vein. I consider myself an emerging philosopher-psychologist who resides in the ambiguous yet potent waters of transdisciplinarity. I have always been interested in topics that are difficult to study in traditional academic contexts.

I am currently putting together a co-edited volume on the generation of collective presence in groups. This volume aims to document and explore the experience of participating in what many call the “magic” when small groups come together with a common purpose. It is an extension of my dissertation research on the same subject. My other active areas of research interest include the phenomenology of spiritual and religious experiences (transpersonal phenomenology); the participatory turn in transpersonal psychology (how intersubjectivity determines transpersonal experiences); articulating the philosophy of science behind the practice of phenomenological psychology; innovative qualitative research methods; and how individuals perceive and live “the good life.”

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