Tammy Sanders

TammySanders-ProfessionalPhoto(color)Tammy’s professional and academic lives are devoted to exploring, designing, facilitating, writing and publishing about learning for professionals in the Digital Age. Via research and assessment, she’s amassing a wealth of ideas about how best to help professionals learn. Via her learning practice with clients in the U.S. and abroad, she’s stress-testing these ideas to ensure usefulness in professional development.

With several years’ experience in learning and development, Tammy’s primary areas of expertise are cultivating manager / leader capability, leadership’s impact on org culture, and fostering internal career growth for staff. She’s most interested in how learning strategically advances a business from short-term viability to long-term sustainability.

As a McKnight Doctoral Fellow at Florida International University in Miami, Tammy is working toward a PhD in Education & Learning Technology. Her doctoral research is focused on uncovering the inherent learning value in technology-mediated learning delivery. Her goal is to look beyond convenience, access and cost to explore whether there is particular utility or enhancement to how people learn when their learning is delivered online.

Tammy welcomes opportunity to connect, converse and collaborate. Her academic and professional portfolios can be found online at www.about.me/tammyssanders.

She can be reached via email at: tammy.sanders@ronininstitute.org