Tobias Siebenlist

Tobias graduated with a Master of Science in Computer Science and a Master of Arts in Information Science and Computational Linguistics both from Heinrich Heine University Duesseldorf.

After completing his doctorate in information science on the subject of specialized search engines in the field of information retrieval, he devoted himself to the topic of Open Data and the related area of Open Government, where he remains active.

The topics range from technical aspects, metadata, and standards to opportunities for citizen participation and the social significance of open data and open administrative action. Working with open data and creating added value and sustainable solutions are of central importance.

In addition to the various areas from the broader “open” context (e.g., open science, open data, open-source), he has recently also turned his attention to the core area of information science. The focus here is, among other things, on what makes information science an independent discipline and how it could be redefined or modernized from today’s perspective, given the current technical and social challenges.

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