Victoria Costa

Victoria Costa is a digital producer, creative organizer and program manager, and has worked with academics, professionals and students in all stages of their careers, while maintaining a keen understanding of how communities engage with and respond to information. She is the co-founder and creative director of Cool Anthropology, a grant-funded international collective that translates rigorous academic research for popular consumption, breaking down the closed circuits of the academy with interactive media, digital outreach, and a whole lot of hustle. Projects include Shifting Stereotypes, an interactive documentary (funded by Wenner Gren Innovation in Public Awareness grant), The Road of Development, Ethnography Matters, Embodying Ecological Heritage, Maya Deer Dance, and Producing Cool Anthropology, an edited volume (University of Toronto Press, forthcoming).
She has added her management perspective, curriculum experience, coding skills, design aesthetic, and sense of humor to a wide range of interactive
learning experiences around the world, including university courses, multimedia installations, curriculum guides and educational programs for young and adult learners. She has a collaborative work ethic, which envisions a cooperative future, and has over ten years of experience working with solopreneurs, small organizations, nonprofits, universities, international NGOs and corporations customizing products and implementing great lessons about cultural diversity, social justice, environmental ethics, food heritage and technology.
She believes we need to use our hands in initiatives within our own communities, and encourages her friends and neighbors to volunteer on projects they find vital to meet the needs of those most vulnerable amongst us. She serves on the board of her CSA, where she helps cut the millionaires out of the food chain, and volunteers with seniors at her local community center. She also lends her hands and resources to indigenous communities in South Dakota, Belize, Guatemala and Peru.