Ronin Public Seminar: The Value of Social Cohesion in Our Communities

This seminar is part of the Ronin Institute Public Seminar Series, featuring our Research Scholars. We welcome members of the public, but please register ahead of time to get the meeting link.

…with the world more attuned to risk, lessons can be drawn to strengthen response and resilience. In 2020, the risk of a pandemic became reality. As governments, businesses, and societies grapple with COVID-19, societal cohesion is more important than ever.

From The Global Risks Report 2021 by World Economic Forum

PresenterAngelo Luidens, Ronin Institute Research Scholar

Date: Feb 26, 2021
Time: 9:00-10:00 US Eastern Time / 14:00-15:00 UTC (in your local time)
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Hosted by: Keith Tse, Ronin Institute Research Scholar

In order to achieve a broadly inclusive state of wellbeing and prosperity within a community, it is essential that individuals of that community are resilient and thus contributing to their collective resiliency. A key factor of a resilient community is the level of social cohesion experienced in that community. It is one thing to know it empirically, and quite a different thing to measure and analyze it to inform policy and enable effective interventions towards a resilient community. The quality of surveys on social cohesion must also meet international standards, enabling timely and equitable comparisons to properly assess the state of social cohesion in a community. Social cohesion is complex and dynamic–it cannot be effectively grasped solely through a conventional reductionist paradigm. 

Social cohesion is a fundamental aspect for greater insights at larger scales. The assessment and approach of Social Cohesion fits within a larger context of the application of complex systems science, or socio-ecological systems science for that matter, by gaining and integrating different perspectives and thereby broader and deeper understanding of the dynamics and challenges small island states like Curaçao face. This seminar will provide a review of a framework and road-map of best practices and different approaches for devising a national social cohesion survey that correlates with international standards, yet is properly localized to suit the needs of the community where it will be implemented.

Fun fact from Angelo:
I am by nature curious, ever so inquisitive. Always wanting to dig deeper and seek greater understanding. Over time I found out I am a seeker, a knowledge seeker. I set out to find out why and how things work or fail to work based on an innate knowing of how it should be. My life experiences and the dissonance these experiences cause with my self, got me onto a journey of self discovery and to a greater extend the mastery of self where I now enjoy waking up in the morning and get right at moving the ball one more step further day by day towards that innately known epiphany. More so, as I see the pieces settling in their place step by step, day by day. I do at times contemplate, now more than before that it was the best thing I have done to dig deep into things very early on asking myself why I am the way I am and do things the way I do, even though it is a longer path, takes a lot more work and intentionality. I enjoy the new discoveries along the way. However, the one thing that can completely recharge me is, ever so often there comes along someone or some people on the journey, who because of my own choices, I can light the light in them, and it is an amazing feeling to see their light, light up and shine brighter!

Here is the recording of the seminar:

Questions about the seminar? Contact See the list of past seminars, as well as some recordings on the Ronin Institute YouTube.

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