About the Ronin Institute

Our Vision

reinvent academia | foster a new culture of scholarship

Our Mission

The Ronin Institute’s mission is to provide an academic community for people who are committed to truth and empathy.

Our Values

These values guide what we do and how we do it:


The main purpose of scholarship is to discover and communicate things that are true. We believe in the importance of pursuing our scholarship in good faith. That means being open to new ideas, and to the possibility that we might be wrong. We also recognize that “truth” looks different in each field, and we welcome a diversity of scholarly approaches.


We are most importantly a community. We approach each other and those around us with kindness and care. We are committed to enabling an environment of peer-to-peer support. We are invested in each other’s successes, and understand that the creation of knowledge is not a zero sum game. We pursue our scholarship with the intention of benefiting while avoiding harm.

Our Goals

Learn More

This post on the Ronin Blog provides some historical context for the original founding of the Institute. Also see our FAQ (including a Why Ronin? section).

This 2018 seminar from the sixth anniversary of the founding of the Institute provides an in-depth overview of our principles and values.