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Our founding values at the Ronin Institute are Truth and Empathy, and we use these values to help guide what we do at the Ronin Institute, including our work as Research Scholars. The information that you provide here will be used as your application to the Ronin Institute as a Research Scholar. It can take us up to 4-6 weeks to review your material, but we will be in touch! If you were previously a Research Scholar, please indicate this in the comments" field at the end of the form.

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Please describe the Ronin Institute event you attended and who you met there. Events include office hours, lightning talks, and any other events on the calendar described as "Open to the Public." We ask prospective members to attend a Ronin Institute event before joining to get a feel for the community and to decide if it is a good fit for them.
The success of the Ronin Institute is that it runs as a peer-to-peer organization, largely on volunteer labor. By typing “I affirm” in the text box below, you agree to contribute constructively to the community when you become a member. Contributions can range from participating in an event, responding to questions on Slack, helping out another community member, posting on a social media thread, volunteering to do a task, etc. See this blog post for background about how we aim to be different from a traditional institute.
"Reinventing the academy" is part of our mission at the Ronin Institute. This means we are committed to creating a supportive and caring environment where our members can thrive. To this end, Ronin Institute was established with a set of founding values.
We have a number of commitments and policies that we ask all prospective scholars to read and understand prior to applying. This currently includes our Code of Conduct and our Human Subjects Research ethics policy. To indicate that you have read and understand our Code of Conduct, please write here two expectations described in our Code of Conduct.
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