Our founding values at the Ronin Institute are Truth and Empathy. We ask that Ronin Institute Research Scholars pursue their research in the way that works best for them, and that we all work together to develop a new and better model for scholarship. Read the full Founding Values statement from Jon F. Wilkins

These values form the basis for our institutional and community commitments (otherwise known as policies), which shape and guide the priorities and decisions that we make as an organization. 

We ask our members to agree to these commitments each year, as part of our annual membership renewal. These commitments are not frozen in stone–they have been developed by our Research Scholar community, and may change and evolve as we do.  New commitments may also be added as our Institute grows. 

These are the current commitments we ask all new and existing Research Scholars to agree to:

Code of Conduct

We expect Research Scholars to commit to our Code of Conduct. It provides guidelines for how Ronin Institute Research Scholars are expected to behave when interacting with other Research Scholars, as well as at any time that you are affiliated, funded by, or representing the Ronin Institute.

Human Subjects Research policy

We expect Research Scholars to abide by our Human Subjects Research (HSR) ethics policy. This policy covers any research involving Human Subjects (or data derived from Human Subjects). We ask that you agree to this policy whether or not you plan to do research involving Human Subjects