The Ronin Institute governance structure is composed of Grants and Financial Administration that is led by the Board of Directors, and the Community that is led by the Advisory Board. Each member of the Advisory Board leads/co-leads a Working Group (WG) that focuses on one essential aspect of the Community. Membership of Working Groups is fluid–they are made up of any Research Scholars that are interested and available to help get things done. 

Governance Structure of the Ronin Institute

Our governance approach is best described as a do-ocracy, where responsibilities and recognition are attached to people who step up to do the work, rather than selecting people to task them with work. See our post for details and more background on the community-led creation of our governance structure, and the Ronin Institute by-laws.

Board of Directors

Working Groups

Keith Tse and Heather O’Connor, Communication WG co-Leads

Syb de Clark, Events WG Lead

Alex Lancaster, Infrastructure WG lead

Herbert Bernstein, Research WG Lead

Working Groups (WGs)

Governance Organizes the overall governance structure for the Ronin Institute, coordinates across all Working Groups, and creates decision-making structure for the Ronin Community.

Communications Develops the approach, structure, and guidance for how the Ronin Institute messages, publicizes, and disseminates information about the institute.

Events Plans and organizes events and structures that help Scholars showcase their work, engage with each other, and expand their knowledge and skill set.

Infrastructure Coordinates, maintains, and administers the technical aspects of the Ronin Institute. 

Membership Supports the development of criteria, transparency, and flow to how people join and get more involved in the Institute.

Research Guides and builds capacity for scholars to conduct research through the Ronin Institute.

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