Center for Advancing Mathematics and Physics


The Center for Advancing Mathematics and Physics (or CAMP) conducts research in mathematics, physics, applied mathematics, and applied physics.

  • Participants conduct research.
  • Participants informally set agendas for meetings (Tuesdays, starting at 12:30 PM Eastern [or, New York, USA] time; and sometimes Tuesdays, starting at 5:00 PM Eastern time).
  • For more information, contact the center director, Thomas J. Buckholtz.

Research (examples)

  • Uniting and extending physics modeling.
    • We seek to unite and extend modeling regarding known data and predicted data about the following. Properties of objects and forces. Elementary particles. Dark matter and ratios of dark matter to ordinary matter. Aspects of cosmology. Galaxy formation. And, other aspects of astrophysics.
    • For more information, contact Thomas J. Buckholtz.
  • Relationships between complex dynamics of nonlinear systems and effective field theory.
    • My research is focused on the relationship between complex dynamics of nonlinear systems and effective field theory, with emphasis on the Standard Model (SM) and General Relativity (GR). Staying consistent with experimental data, my goal is exploring the dynamical structure of the SM and GR using the tools of chaos, multifractal geometry, and self-organized criticality.
    • For more information, contact Ervin Goldfain.
  • Symmetries and geometry in field theories.
    • I study the geometry of spacetime, the transformations resulting from changes of coordinate system and the symmetries of field configurations. I develop techniques which can be used for any number of spatial dimensions and study the gauge fields resulting from compactification to Kaluza-Klein-type universes and their interaction with matter. I also look at the relationship between quantum theories, classical theories and geometric field theories.
    • For more information, contact Tom Lawrence.

Seminars from external guests

We occasionally have external guests giving talks at our meetings. Below you can find materials from these.

  • 3 October 2023: Martin Tamm, Curvature properties of rotating objects
  • 21 February 2023: Manuel Hohmann, Geometry, gravity and spin – notes, ideas and developments, click here for slides (pdf)

Internal Seminars

Ronin scholars also give presentations at our meetings. Below you can find materials from these.

  • 24 May, 31 May, 7 June 2022: Tom Lawrence, Covariant compactification and unification, click here for slides (pdf)
  • 4 May 2021: Tom Lawrence, Using the coset formulation to examine the geometry of pseudo-Riemannian spacetimes, click here for slides (pdf)
  • 30 March 2021: Tom Lawrence, Correspondence between Classical Field Theory in a finite universe and Quantum Mechanics – position, wavenumber and momentum, click here for slides (pdf)