Our Work

Work by Ronin Research Scholars spans the gamut of disciplines, fields, approaches and types of scholarly output, including everything from traditional journal publications and preprints, through to art projects and installations. We aim to embrace a more inclusive vision of scholarly work beyond the traditional focus on peer-reviewed journal articles.

Recent works by Research Scholars

Presentations & conferences

Chilson, Phil et al. 2024. "WINDMAP: Wind Intelligent Navigation Data and Models for Aviation Planning." In American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc.
Mietchen, Daniel et al. 2023. "Ten years of Wikidata: A bibliometric study." In Wikidata '23: Wikidata Workshop at ISWC 2023, CEUR Workshop Proceedings. (December 15, 2023).

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Donald, William E. 2024. Strategic Opportunities for Bridging the University-Employer Divide: IGI Global. (January 18, 2024).
Donald, William E., ed. 2023. Handbook of Research on Sustainable Career Ecosystems for University Students and Graduates: IGI Global. (January 9, 2024).
Wilkins, John S. 2023. Understanding Species. 1st ed. Cambridge University Press. (April 11, 2023).
Donald, William, ed. 2023. Establishing and Maintaining Sustainable Career Ecosystems for University Students and Graduates. Information Science Reference.

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Gupta, Brij B., Akshat Gaurav, Kwok Tai Chui, and Varsha Arya. 2024. "Optimized Edge-cCCN Based Model for the Detection of DDoS Attack in IoT Environment." In Edge Computing – EDGE 2023, eds. Jun Feng, Frank Jiang, Min Luo, and Liang-Jie Zhang. Springer Nature Switzerland, 14–23. (January 26, 2024).
Jaeger, Johannes. 2024. "The Fourth Perspective: Evolution and Organismal Agency." In Organization in Biology, ed. Matteo Mossio. Springer International Publishing, 159–86. (November 13, 2023).
Donald, William E., and Graham Manville. 2023. "Fostering Career Self-Efficacy via Mindfulness and Life Coaching: A Positive Psychology Sustainable Career Framework." In Advances in Higher Education and Professional Development, ed. William E. Donald. IGI Global, 450–68. (January 26, 2024).
Sylvester, Ray, and William E. Donald. 2023. "The Personal Brand V.A.L.U.E. Career Development Tool: A Multi-Perspective and Interdisciplinary Framework." In Advances in Higher Education and Professional Development, ed. William E. Donald. IGI Global, 238–57. (January 26, 2024).

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Reports & preprints

Smith, Reginald D. 2024. "A general model for two-locus assortative mating analysis and prediction." Genetics. (January 27, 2024).
Quoc Le, Bryan. 2023. Cultivating alternative proteins from commodity crop sidestreams. Good Food Institute.
Donald, William E., and Sucheta Das. 2023. Preparing Graduates for Sustainable Careers: Raising Awareness of Psychological Abuse in Organisations. ResearchGate. (April 21, 2023).

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Paul Vincent, Maria T., and William E. Donald. 2024. "The unheard voices of academia: overcoming systemic barriers and fostering inclusive spaces for knowledge exchange." Disability & Society: 1–6. (February 17, 2024).
Whitman, George et al. 2024. "Forensic geochemistry identifies the illegal introduction of Walleye into Lake Cascade, Idaho." North American Journal of Fisheries Management: nafm.10985. (February 16, 2024).
Gupta, Brij B., Akshat Gaurav, and Varsha Arya. 2024. "Navigating the security landscape of large language models in enterprise information systems." Enterprise Information Systems: 2310846. (February 10, 2024).
Gupta, Brij B., Akshat Gaurav, Varsha Arya, and Wadee Alhalabi. 2024. "The evolution of intellectual property rights in metaverse based Industry 4.0 paradigms." International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal. (February 8, 2024).

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Recent media mentions of Research Scholars


Duff, Meg. 2023. "How a Fungal Pandemic Could Really Happen." Slate, February 5, 2023.
Wofford, Morgan. 2022. "How Can Earth Science Data Enhance Community Resilience?" Science. Merge: ESIP News & Stories (blog). August 12, 2022.
Walter, Dawn. 2022. "Understanding Data and Privacy as a UX Researcher." Response-Ability Summit (blog). February 9, 2022.
Renken, Elena. 2021. "Mathematical Analysis of Fruit Fly Wings Hints at Evolution's Limits." Quanta Magazine, September 20, 2021.