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Work by Ronin Research Scholars spans the gamut of disciplines, fields, approaches and types of scholarly output, including everything from traditional journal publications and preprints, through to art projects and installations. We aim to embrace a more inclusive vision of scholarly work beyond the traditional focus on peer-reviewed journal articles.

Recent works by Research Scholars

Presentations & conferences

Bohle, Martin, Rika Preiser, and Eduardo Marone. 2024. "Perceiving Cape-Town-Geoethics (CTG) through Symbolic Universes (SU)." Presented at the EGU General Assembly 2024, Vienna, Austria. (March 12, 2024).
Maeder, Andre, and Vesselin G. Gueorguiev. 2024. "Explaining the Dark Energy and Dark Matter phenomena within the Scale Invariant Vacuum (SIV) Paradigm." Presented at the American Physical Society April Meeting 2024, SAFE Credit Union Convention Center Room: Virtual Room 03, Sacramento.
Chilson, Phil et al. 2024. "WINDMAP: Wind Intelligent Navigation Data and Models for Aviation Planning." In American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc.
Gaurav, Akshat. 2023. "ANTS 2023 TOC." In 2023 IEEE International Conference on Advanced Networks and Telecommunications Systems (ANTS), IEEE, 11–39. (April 2, 2024).

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Donald, William E. 2024. Strategic Opportunities for Bridging the University-Employer Divide: IGI Global. (January 18, 2024).
Vaschetto, Luis M., ed. 2024. 12 Molecular Mechanisms in Nutritional Epigenetics. Springer Nature Switzerland. (May 26, 2024).
KORY-WESTLUND, JACQUELINE M. 2024. GRAD SCHOOL LIFE: surviving and thriving beyond coursework and research. COLUMBIA UNIV PRESS.
Kory-Westlund, Jacqueline M. 2024. Grad school life: surviving and thriving beyond coursework and research. Columbia University Press.

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Ragsdale, Gillian. 2024. "Epigenetic Pathways from Dietary Fat to Psychopathology." In Molecular Mechanisms in Nutritional Epigenetics, ed. Luis M. Vaschetto. Springer Nature Switzerland, 263–92. (May 26, 2024).
Vaschetto, Luis M. 2024. "A Brief Introduction to Diet and DNA Methylation." In Molecular Mechanisms in Nutritional Epigenetics, ed. Luis M. Vaschetto. Springer Nature Switzerland, 1–6. (May 26, 2024).
Jaeger, Johannes. 2024. "Ontogenesis, Organisation, and Organismal Agency." In Organismal Agency, ed. Jana Švorcová. Springer International Publishing, 165–90. (May 13, 2024).
Gaurav, Akshat, Brij B. Gupta, Kwok Tai Chui, and Varsha Arya. 2024. "Deep Learning Based Model for Stress Measurement in Online Social Networks." In Computational Data and Social Networks, eds. Minh Hoàng Hà, Xingquan Zhu, and My T. Thai. Springer Nature Singapore, 398–406. (March 23, 2024).

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Reports & preprints

Velazquez, Jose Luis Perez. 2024. "The inevitability of our current approach to science and the search for the simplest perspective to comprehend nature." Open Science Framework. (June 6, 2024).
Damerow, Joan et al. 2024. "Opening Doors to Physical Sample Data Discovery, Integration, and Credit." EarthArXiv. (June 3, 2024).
Quoc Le, Bryan. 2023. Cultivating alternative proteins from commodity crop sidestreams. Good Food Institute.
Donald, William E., and Sucheta Das. 2023. Preparing Graduates for Sustainable Careers: Raising Awareness of Psychological Abuse in Organisations. ResearchGate. (April 21, 2023).

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Cummings, K. A. et al. 2024. "Evaluation of Lightning Flash Rate Parameterizations in a Cloud‐Resolved WRF‐Chem Simulation of the 29–30 May 2012 Oklahoma Severe Supercell System Observed During DC3." Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 129(11): e2023JD039492. (June 5, 2024).
Dong, Jianxiang et al. 2024. "Bragg Spot Finder (BSF): a new machine-learning-aided approach to deal with spot finding for rapidly filtering diffraction pattern images." Journal of Applied Crystallography 57(3). (April 29, 2024).
LaRocco, John, Qudsia Tahmina, and John Simonis. 2024. "Evaluating a Controlled Electromagnetic Launcher for Safe Remote Drug Delivery." Technologies 12(5): 69. (May 21, 2024).
Jeanson, Francis et al. 2024. "Getting your DUCs in a row - standardising the representation of Digital Use Conditions." Scientific Data 11(1): 464. (May 10, 2024).

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Recent media mentions of Research Scholars


Duff, Meg. 2023. "How a Fungal Pandemic Could Really Happen." Slate, February 5, 2023.
Wofford, Morgan. 2022. "How Can Earth Science Data Enhance Community Resilience?" Science. Merge: ESIP News & Stories (blog). August 12, 2022.
Walter, Dawn. 2022. "Understanding Data and Privacy as a UX Researcher." Response-Ability Summit (blog). February 9, 2022.
Renken, Elena. 2021. "Mathematical Analysis of Fruit Fly Wings Hints at Evolution's Limits." Quanta Magazine, September 20, 2021.