Aanchal Mishra

I, being a post graduate student, am yet to establish the ‘research world.’ However, I am interested in various fields of biology and like to call myself a biology-aficionado. According to me-

  • Answers of Biology can be found in Evolution,
  • Answers of a living organism can be found in its cells,
  • And answers of a cell can be found in its DNA.

My primary area of research might revolve around DNA, which if it binds with an anti-tumor drug can suppress the activity of cancer cells. Developing a drug that has the capability to bind with deoxyribonucleic acid, at any stage of cancer development, can prove as a boon for the entire human race.

Another area of research might be autophagy. The recent 2016 Nobel Prize on autophagy (meaning ‘self-eating’) has spurred in me an interest to explore this as an option to prevent/cure cancer. How cancer cells can be stimulated or made to undergo autophagy can be a good question for me to explore. Mammalian Target of Rapamycin protein (mTOR) is a key regulator of autophagy and can be used to study further its molecular mechanisms in specific cancer cell types.

Cancer is a major scourge across the globe and a permanent cure will alleviate the humans perpetually. Working towards developing a cancer-free world, will be an asset.

You can contact Aanchal at aanchalmishra28@yahoo.com