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Ali Hussein
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Artifical Intelligence
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Broadly/In the long term, I am interested in the study of intelligence equally as an art and a science. The way I see it Artificial Intelligence is the replication of cognition evolved biologically, in this manner it is intelligence understanding itself. This interplay between biological intelligence (us) and silicon intelligence creates interesting feedback loops, these loops are where I am most interested to experiment. The loop I am most interested in is the utilization and application of blockchain and other P2P networks to achieve decentralized economies and governance structures.

More specifically/In the short term, I am interested in making machine learning algorithms work collaboratively by extending ensemble methods to allow ensemble training not just prediction. Also, how the distribution of the input to a machine learning algorithm gets to shape the "knowledge" the algorithm has on the world (its test set(s)), I want to explore this area by extending k-fold cross validation and integrate it with ensemble methods .

Ongoing Research:

"wallet2vec: Creating vector representations of blockchain crypto-wallets" (Ongoing Paper)

In this paper, I aim to generate a computer understandable representation of crypto-currency wallet transaction data, this can be used as a stepping stone to seed market prediction models or to cluster wallet users by transaction behaviour.

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