Anamaria Berea

Anamaria Berea
Research Scholar
Computational Economics / Linguistics / Semiotics
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My research is focused on the emergence of communication in biological and social networks, by applying theories and methods from economics and information science to reinterpret historical, anthropological, biological and artistic evidence regarding fundamental aspects of communication, from signaling in simple biological organisms to complex human and computer languages.

In my research on emergence of communication, I revisit Shannon’s theory of information and shows how we can model and quantify subjectivity and meaning in communication. I am using principles from the economics of information and evidence from the evolution of “language” and social behavior in biological organisms. Based on this multidisciplinary economics – complex systems – linguistics approach, one of my goals is to develop better natural language processing techniques.

Shannon is well known for laying out the foundations of information theory several decades ago. Every model of information diffusion and information exchange has essentially followed Shannon’s theory of quantifying information and information exchange as sender-message-receiver. But in the natural and social world, information is essentially characterized not only by quantity, but also by subjectivity, individual interpretation and meaning, characteristics that have been largely left aside from the information diffusion models, including many social and biological models of information exchange.

I show that these exchange mechanisms, under specific conditions that replicate physical and informational/cognitive decays of DNA in an agent-based simulation, lead to communication emergence.

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