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Anne Wilson
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Data Stewardship
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My professional focus has been the development of software infrastructure and practices to help domain scientists and organizations perform high quality science and steward their scientific data.  

My goal is to ease technical burdens on scientists involving software and data by providing tools and developing practices so that scientists can focus on actually doing science rather than spending their time wrangling data.   This can also improve the conduct of science by making data FAIR (as per the FAIR data principles being adopted worldwide), as well as promoting technologies to make analysis code trustworthy, repeatable, and verifiable.

My area is the management, access, and interoperability of scientific data and associated metadata.  I have a strong interest in metadata and data modeling.    As PI of a NASA ASIT 2016 grant, I helped develop a generic functional data model and algebra applied to data access and analysis of very high volume multi and hyper-spectral imagery.   Most recently, I’ve been involved in ontology design and the development of a semantic database to manage scientific dataset metadata.  

I also help scientists and labs with: use of code repositories, robust software development practices, tools and processes for data and metadata management, and data management practices to support reproducible, accessible science available for peer review and publication.   I advise scientists and organizations on expectations, strategies and solutions for data management that meet funding and publication requirements and also preserve and enhance the value of the data collected.  

I have participated in the scientific informatics community for many years in a variety of ways.   I’ve been an active participant in several Federation of Earth Science Partners (ESIP) clusters and committees, and am currently chair of the ESIP Machine Learning Cluster.    For four years I was Secretary of the Earth and Space Science Informatics (ESSI) Section of the American Geophysical Union (AGU),  as well as serving on AGU Fall Meeting Program Committee for two years.  For five years I organized and ran the Boulder Earth and Space Sciences Informatics Group (BESSIG), with monthly meetings and occasional socials and extracurriculars.    The BESSIG email list still serves to help our community in the Boulder area make contacts and share information. I love math, statistics, and programming, and promoting those topics in education, especially to girls, women, and other underrepresented groups.   I believe it’s possible to excite people in these areas who might otherwise find these topics too hard, alienating, or not even on their radar, through appropriate STEM and STEAM demonstrations and activities, and connecting with students in ways that meet their individual learning styles.

Contact Anne at anne dot wilson at ronininstitute dot org