Arkadiusz Jadczyk

Arkadiusz Jadczyk
Research Scholar
Quantum Theory and Geometry
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arkadiusz jadczykI have worked mainly in two areas of theoretical physics: space and time geometry, and foundational problems of quantum physics. My interests in quantum theory resulted in a recent monograph “Quantum fractals. From Heisenberg's Uncertainty to Barnsley's Fractality.” Quantum theory is one of the most successful theories of physics, yet it has certain fundamental glitches that are, as a rule, not considered as being worth careful scrutiny, at least not today. Yet these glitches offer us opportunities to see into the possible shape of future science, when physics will be extended enough to encompass the non-material world of information and organization.

I would like to work in the direction of merging quantum theory with geometry, thus implementing the general idea that information can shape quantum probabilities much like matter is shaping space-time geometry. Such an extended framework should allow us to address, using rigorous scientific methods,  questions such as: “what is life” and “can we measure and possibly also enhance our free will?” At the same time modeling quantum events in single quantum systems should indicate to us  how the current scientific methodology can be extended so as to embrace phenomena that are not repeatable.

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