Aurora Flynn

My applied and theoretical research focuses on climate resiliency, adaptive capacity, and transformation capacity of socio-ecological systems. My research centers on five select cross-cultural sociological and psychological indicators that multidisciplinary research suggests are the emergent drivers behind these concepts, including the proliferation of sustainable development itself. My applied research was done within the context of climate action planning for a higher education institution, whereby I evaluated and assessed correlations of these cross-cultural indicators to the institution’s greenhouse gas emission footprint and mitigation efforts. These indicators were then increased with a 5-week training program I designed for “transformational learning” where we explored across multiple fields of study concepts to do with identity, self, culture, cognition, communication, transformation of the self, perception, trauma, self-directed neuroplasticity, and emotional awareness. This enabled a shift in the participant’s perspective of their subjective realities, identities, implicit biases, and limiting beliefs, all of which potentially keep community from interconnecting and moving forward powerfully in a transitionary process towards sustainability.

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