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Modelling and Connecting Various Disciplines within Neuroscience in Pursuit of Knowledge and Understanding of How Mind-brain works.

Mind and brain are two sides of the same coin; considering them separate was Descartes’s error. As a computational neuroscientist Lungsi works with models that are products of scientific reduction and models as a result of model order reduction. The former includes a family of models that are closer to physiology, as it provides a mechanistic description. The later models or neural networks relates to psychology. Lungsi therefore works across the spectrum of models from the biological scale to the psychological scale of neuroscience models.

To understand how the mind-brain works one must acknowledge that it is a system of organized complexity. A system region of vast space situated between the region of system of small numbers where analysis results in solution and the region of system of large numbers where it can be treated with statistics. Most systems of organized complexity eventually encounter a barrier in the form of a limit on the power of any computing device.

Portable concepts are vital to general systems thinking. And, epistemologically based general system theorist is essential for the science of neural modelling.

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