Bishal Banjara

I am interested mainly in foundational aspects of General Physics, especially Classical Mechanics and Relativity. However, I have equal efforts on Quantum Mechanics. Though, we are profoundly successful with vast majorities of predictions through the Quantum and Relativistic approach, those, one or other ways should correspondence to classical scale, but there are often some sorts of discrepancies and hindrances within the same classical frame. The unending queries of fresh comers to understand the basic presumptions of motion, Inertia, force are still controversial roughly speaking, through the time of Descartes, Aristotle, Galileo, Newton, Mach, Einstein and recently from Milogram to Bekenstein. Even such controversies could be raised on all aspects of Physics, those may be on Electrodynamics or Relativity or Quantum mechanics. This motivated me to assure a concrete framework within the classical frame that could lead to a unified form of such a prolonged issues into terminations.

I have derived a new paradigm of particles motion dealing in terms of force/acceleration, which surprisingly unifies the classical formulations on force into a single form that resolves the existence problem of centrifugal force, suggesting to eliminate the assumption of so called dark matter (non-baryonic mass). The motivating question that started my study on this issue was identification of tangential acceleration in circular motion within the uniform velocity magnitude altering the basic concepts of rotational phenomenon along with the Inertial effects. Further, I have worked out for modification on Classical Maxwell’s equations which primarily predicts two way speculations of displacement vector redefining the concept of displacement current. And, I have introduced an unusual method to depict the double-slit experiment classically, by the modification of set theory with the origination of multiple numbers of sources.

Currently, I am working in the direction of eliminating the coordinate singularity problem in Schwarzschild solution by the deductive method (which is almost completed) and planning to hunt a single-inch equation to unify known four types of forces.

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