Carlo Monsanto

Carlo Monsanto Chunderbalsingh is an original thinker, international director of IOLEE ECOSYSTEM, and a research scholar affiliated with the Ronin Institute. He earned an honorary Ph.D. (Ph.D. HonC.), Master of Science in Psychology (M.S.), and a Bachelor of Arts in Health Science (B.A.). As a result of a deeply aligning process, Carlo discovered and further systematized a framework for first-person research and intrinsic learning, called Inside Out Learning Experience Ecosystem (IOLEE).  Because learners are originally born into the first-person perspective, the IOLEE framework empowers them to decode, study, and dis-identify with the complex patterns that keep mind and body from functioning more naturally as a whole. IOLEE’s internal and inductive teaching, learning and investigative methods help learners harmonize, from its first-person orientation, with classical (educational) methods which are by definition third-person oriented and extrinsic. The objective of IOLEE and the IOLEE ECOSYSTEM as a learning community is to offer its framework, practices, and resources as a basis for social emotional development, conscious evolution, evolutionary leadership, and conscious community.

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