Daniel Chan

Daniel Chan
Research Scholar
Molcular mechanisms of bacterial symbiosis
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Microbiology is fascinating to me because it represents a practically infinite field of observations concerning organisms with very diverse ways of living on our planet. If I was free and I thought it just to exclusively follow my passion for exploring our natural world through this lens, I would do so. But we live in a society bound by different constraints.
I strive to use my research and organizing skills to facilitate more equitable ways of producing scientific work and ways of relating to each other that transform our society into an inclusive and convivial environment. I'm interested in working within groups that can engage and develop these and ideas and share my passions. Currently, I am organizing with a community lab called Biotech Without Borders where members participate in the collective stewarding of shared biological lab space.
Find me online on scholar.social Mastodon server, danwchan@scholar.social; or the Biotech Without Borders matrix server, @danwchan:diybio.fun.

frugal science, bacteriology, microbiology, host-pathogen interactions
Biology and Biological Sciences, Biotechnology