Elina Petrova

The objective of my current research is to develop an advanced theoretical understanding and construct an integrated conceptual framework for cohesive, synergistic empirical examinations of the interplay between innovation and marketing – arguably, the most important functions of the firm and key drivers of economic growth and prosperity. Such a framework will fill current theoretical gaps and can elucidate long-standing ambiguities. It will bridge over discipline-specific perspectives to introduce enhanced conceptual clarity, facilitating the discernment and the informed pursuit of more advantageous business trajectories for growth. 

In addition to incorporating several established theories considered seminal in this vast and interdisciplinary field, I also draw on very recent theoretical advancements to enrich the proposed conceptual structure. Synthesizing insights from a diverse set of scholarly literatures, my work coalesces and extends the constituent theories into a more generalized framework, laying the foundations for analytical and empirical studies applicable across the entire constellation of industries. 

Econometric models derived from the integrated framework can disentangle the multitudes of conjectured interdependencies and contingencies. Attaining a deeper comprehension of the behavioral drivers fostering the co-evolution between innovation and market demand, with clear understanding of the (trans)formative principles guiding the attendant processes, is urgently needed. Such comprehension is vital for adopting efficient managerial practices and instituting effective policy programs targeting innovation and its successful commercialization. 

It is my hope that the output of this work can stimulate a plenitude of follow-up analytical and empirical studies by fellow scholars poised to refine the suggested comprehensive, actionable theory. 

Contact Elina at elina.petrova@ronininstitute.org