Emily Monosson

Emily Monosson is a writer and environmental toxicologist. Her most recent book, Natural Defense: enlisting bugs and germs to protect our food and medicine (Island Press 2017) is a response to the problem of over dependence on traditional antibiotics and pesticides. This is a follow-up to Unnatural Selection: how we are changing life gene by gene (Island Press 2015), which focused on contemporary evolution primarily in response to industrial age chemicals (and one common outcome: adaptation or resistance) across species from bacteria to fish. In 2012 Monosson wrote Evolution in a Toxic World: how life responds to chemical hazards (Island Press), which explores the evolution of life’s varied chemical defense systems and discusses why this matters in today’s world. In 2008, she edited Motherhood the Elephant in the Laboratory: women scientists speak out, a collection of essays by 34 women who share their experiences working part-time, full-time, in academia and outside of academia. This volume revealed the varied career configurations both within and beyond academia through which scientists seeking nontraditional career paths can contribute to the greater scientific community. When Monosson isn’t writing in a nearby coffee shop, she is often cycling, hiking or gently controlling chaos in her garden.

You can find Emily’s blog at http://toxicevolution.wordpress.com/

Contact Emily at: emonosson@gmail.com