Emma Wiik

Emma Wiik
Research Scholar
Freshwater Ecology and Conservation Science
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I am fundamentally a conservation scientist, with most expertise in freshwater ecology. However, due to a keen interest in coding and statistics I have branched out as analyst for other research questions, such as whether Payments for Ecosystem Services schemes effect the change they sought out to both in terms of deforestation and societal changes (attitudes and livelihoods). My technical skills also include geospatial analysis with R and the building of interactive maps by integrating Leaflet into R.

I have a keen interest in the management and ecological health of rivers and lakes across the UK, and how these are impacted by the prevailing political framework. This cuts across the natural and social sciences. More broadly, I have interest in any relevant environmental-social research questions and would seek to collaborate with others to apply my data aptitude to projects beyond my expertise.

I am a Ronin scholar because years of casualisation, a trend plaguing UK Higher Education, finally broke me. I needed job security and had to leave university life. I have now lost confidence in UK Higher Education due to its exploitative work practices; inequality and elitism; bias against multidisciplinary scholars; perverse performance metrics; and targeted attack of the humanities as "useless" degree subjects. I do not want to say goodbye to research, but I do not have much spare time due to my day job. Time will tell how far I will get with these pursuits.

I firmly believe in the rights of nature, and thereby don't place humans above nature. Much of my career has aimed to serve this ethic. I also believe that we are in a climate and biodiversity crisis, and that a healthy environment including clean water should be the right of all people. This is hugely problematic due to borders, private property rights, and private companies' rights to natural resources. My research & skills would ideally benefit nature, those who care about nature and need it for their wellbeing, those suffering from environmental degradation, and those fighting for a better environment for nature and people.

Learn more at: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Emma-Wiik-2

Contact Emma at emma [dot] wiik "at" ronininstitute dot org

R, statistics, GIS (in R + leaflet), limnology