Fernando Haas

I have participated numerous research projects in Brazil and Europe, in diverse areas: theoretical plasma physics, specially quantum and/or relativistic plasmas, neutrinoplasma interactions and nonlinear waves in high-field plasmas; integrable dynamical systems; symmetry methods for differential equations; generalized Hamiltonian systems; Ermakov systems; Bose-Einstein condensates. Also consider: metal cluster physics; nonlinear electrodynamic theories; surface waves in plasma; complex plasmas; stochastic quantization; popularization of science; philosophy (all these with registered publications). The publications list and the articles on these subjects can be found in http://professor.ufrgs.br/fernando-haas/ , which also contains general information on my profile. I have received a number of awards and recognitions, such as: the prize for the Best lecture from a young scientist from the developing countries (International Workshop on Frontiers of Plasma Physics, Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy, 2006); plenary speaker (19th International Congress on Plasma Physics – ICPP 2018, Vancouver, Canada), with the talk “Quantum Plasmas: Equation of State, Bohm Potential, Exchange Effects”; the work [F. Haas, K. A. Pascoal and J. T. Mendonça, Neutrino Magnetohydrodynamics. Phys. Plasmas 23, 012104 (2016)] was selected as one of the Top Theoretical Plasma Physics Papers published on Physics of Plasmas, period 2016-2017, section Basic Plasma Phenomena, Waves, Instabilities. I am the author of more than 100 papers in reputed journals in Physics and of the book [F. Haas, Quantum Plasmas: an Hydrodynamic Approach (Springer, New York, 2011)]. My immediate interests involve the interaction of gravitational waves with plasmas, neutrino-plasma interactions in relativistic astrophysical plasmas, the foundations of quantum plasma modeling and vortices in ultra-cold matter.

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