Gam Nguyen

My research interests are in the field of electrical engineering with emphasis on digital communication systems and networks. In a digital communication system, messages generated at the source are typically converted into sequence of binary digits and then are transmitted through a channel to the intended destination. A major goal of communication engineering is, with given resource on energy and system bandwidth, for the source to transmit the greatest amount of information to the destination such that certain quality of service (QoS) such as time delay and bit error rate (BER) are satisfied. There are also practical considerations on operation costs and hardware/software complexities for the communication system. My research goal is to study the key components in the design of a digital communication system, such as error control codes and signal estimators. Note that a digital communication system may operate in isolation, or may be part of a complex network of many interacting digital communication systems. For the latter case, I am interested in techniques and algorithms for allocating resources to users in the network so that some performance metric (e.g., total network throughput) is optimized, subject to some constraint (e.g., maximum total network energy usage).

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